Mariners' Charter of Request:

In the YEAR of the SEAFARER 2010, considering

on behalf of seafarers, the global marine fraternity hereby requests that the following CHARTER OF REQUESTbe pursued diligently at all levels to achieve tangible results within reasonable time frame:

1. Shore leave be granted at every port during ship calls without any restrictions in the guise of security Lists of Name & SHAME be drawn as per complaints received from mariners and submitted to IMO for action.

2. IMO and Administrations draw up

a. Responsibilities of Mariners regarding Conventions like SOLAS, MARPOL, COLREG etc and clear Understanding, Common interpretation and Guidelines on related disciplinary actions against them for non-compliance, so that mariners are NOT CRIMINALISED and made scapegoats in the course of their duties.

b. Name and Shame list of such countries/ports to be published so that Mariners can opt not to sail to/call at such countries/ports.. .

3. Rest Hours as suggested by the 2010 Manila STCW Review be enforced soonest.

4. IMO and FLAG STATE ADMINISTRATION reconsider the basis on which OPTIMUM SAFE MANNING is drawn up so that there are sufficient competent rested seafarers available on board at all times without restraining liberty during Port Stay, and for Mooring, Cargo work, Passages, Pilotage and Navigation through dense traffic to safely perform duties without fatigue and risk to environment.

5. Flag States ensure that Seafarer employment agencies do not exploit and mislead them. Systems to enable background check of owners/managers by job seekers to be instituted.

6. Flag states ensure that all the ships under their flag have proper living conditions, recreation facilities, communications and valid Club Cover at all times with reasonable deductible applicable to standard of living in seafarer's domicile, for facilitating medical treatment and for repatriation of seafarers from anywhere in the world.

7. Flag states ensure that Seafarers’ wage payments are settled and they repatriated on completion of their contracts/on sale without leaving them stranded.

8. Flag States institute systems in place so that quality of STCW courses are maintained.

9. Flag States through recognised Unions provide for medical/social benefits for seafarers when unemployed and after retirement.

10. Flag States oversee Seafarer union matters by regular election with proper representation for mariners afloat/ashore.

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